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WS testing... Wise is back!

By JBossWS Team | February 11, 2013

Wise is an interesting project with the aim of simplifying webservices invocation. One of the possible usecases it enables is quick testing of WS endpoints without the need of generating and compiling client stubs or directly writing SOAP / XML messages.

I've spent some time lately on this topic and finally cut a new release of Wise including a web gui. This runs of top of JBoss AS 7 and is hence based on JBossWS. Consider having a look, to me it's a convenient tool when it's time to test WS services (especially for business quality acceptance) and you don't want to get your hands dirty with code or xml (or you're not expected to do that, perhaps because you're a business quality engineer ;-) )


Wise Web GUI - Invoking a test endpoint


We use JProfiler for profiling