Web Services Framework for WildFly

JBossWS 5.0.1.Final and 5.1.0.Beta1

By JBossWS Team | August 6, 2015

It's summer time, time for a break and for taking some rest… not really, as we released two new versions of JBossWS this week :-)

JBossWS 5.0.1.Final is a bug fix release, solving some issues that were found in the first version of the JBossWS 5 series. It also includes Apache CXF (3.0.6) and WSS4J upgrades that come with additional multiple fixes and security improvements. The target containers for JBossWS 5.0.1.Final are WildFly 9.0.0.Final as well as the recently released WildFly 8.2.1.Final and 9.0.1.Final.

JBossWS 5.1.0.Beta1 is the first milestone of the new webservices stack for WildFly 10, instead. While it drops support for Spring integration (jbossws-cxf.xml descriptor, which was not used a lot and causing confusion and problems), it eventually pulls the latest Apache CXF 3.1.x series. Of course, all the fixes in 5.0.1.Final are included in 5.1.0.Beta1 as well.

Additional new features are coming to 5.1.0 in the next months before it goes Final :-)

Summer time… time to get the latest JBossWS releases and give them a try ;-)



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