Web Services Framework for WildFly

JBossWS 5.1.0.Final is available!

By JBossWS Team | September 2, 2015

One month after the beta release, JBossWS 5.1.0 is eventually final!

This time, we have gone for a time-boxed release approach and limited the number of new features on top of previous release. The reason is that we really wanted the upcoming WildFly 10 to include the latest and greatest WS components. As a matter of fact, JBossWS 5.1.0 brings Apache CXF 3.1 series into the WildFly container; the latest Apache CXF versions, in turn, come with few performance improvements that we directly contributed to, while working on optimizing the whole WildFly WS stack.

On top of that and besides for a bunch of bug fixes, an interesting new feature has just been added to JBossWS 5.1, which is support for jboss-webservices.xml descriptor in EAR deployment archives. This allows setting a given behaviour of the stack for all sub-deployments included in an EAR archive packaged application, preventing the user from having to specify the same options in multiple jboss-webservices.xml descriptors.

You can have a look at the release notes for a list of the improvements and fixed issues.

JBossWS 5.1.0.Final is available for direct download and on both the JBoss and Maven Central repositories. The release documentation is here.

The supported target containers are WildFly 8.2.1.Final, WildFly 9.0.0.Final and WildFly 9.0.1.Final… and of course WildFly 10.0.0.CR1 and later will be including it by default already.



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