Web Services Framework for WildFly

Move to JBossWS Google Group

By Jim Ma | May 27, 2020

google groups

JBossWS team has moved the old jboss community wiki and forum to JBossWS Google Groups. The old JBossWS wiki, User Forum and Developer Forum are all archived and read only now. This change will allow our community users find us more easily with one email or web access. As always, please post your questions, doubts and feedback to google group.

Besides this change, we moved the blog to use github pages jekeyll generator. This is not only for the new content, but also the old blog content from jbossws blogspot. This again allows everyone can submit PR to add blog entry like the community patch to fix something. If you want to add one blog entry to share your ideas, jbossws usage and other interesting things, please send us a pull request. Create a markdown blog post is very easy and simple, take a look at this jeykell guide and directly change the content from this post example to create your own will be the all things to do. JBossWS team is waiting for your blog post!


We use JProfiler for profiling