Web Services Framework for WildFly

Log4j CVE and JBossWS project

By Jim Ma | January 6, 2022

After log4j cve issues were reported, we carefully reviewed the usage in JBossWS projects and found we only use log4j dependencies in command line tools, client side and testsuite. These are places we use log4j dependency:

  • jbossws-common-tools

    It is used to log debug and error messages when running the wsconsume or wsprovide command line tools. Because these tools only run on the command line and do not run in the JavaEE/Jakarta EE container server, this CVE issue doesn’t impact the jbossws projects, however we reviewed the log4j usage in the command line tool and decided to remove this log4j 1.2.14 dependency in jbossws-common-tools 1.4.0.Final to directly log message to console or use jdk logger.

  • testsuite

    This is only for print some log message from our tests. These testsuite maven module won’t be included in runtime or used by other projects, so we are safe.

  • client and jaspi modules

    The log4j is again used to print information for client side like what jbossws-common-tools does, and this CVE issue doesn’t impact the client stuff either. To make sure other project including either of this two dependencies doesn’t include the old version log4j we upgraded log4j version to 2.17.1 and released jbossws-cxf-5.5.0.Final. In the near future, we’ll evaluate if it’s possible to remove log4j dependency to directly use jboss logger.

From above log4j usage in jbossws, if your project has dependency or transitive dependencies to any of these follow projects please upgrade to jbossws-cxf-5.5.0.Final or jbossws-common-tools-1.4.0.Final. If you find any issue in this upgrade, please let us know.


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