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JBossWS 6.0.0.Final is released !

By Jim Ma | June 21, 2022

JBossWS 6.0.0.Final has been released and is available for download. In this major release, the Jakarta EE 9.1(jakarta namespace aka big bang change) is supported and a lot of jakarta maven artifacts are included/updated.
For more detailed info and full list of issues resolved, please check release notes.

We now changed the main branch to 6.x as our development branch and created jbossws-cxf-5.6.x branch to maintain the javax(Jakarta EE8) namespace future release. For our community developer, please select the base branch to create the pull request. If there is any bug fix, we would like to apply this change to both main and javax branches.

If you happen to migrate to jakarta namespace and use jbossws-cxf, please upgrade to 6.0.0.Final release. If you have any issue or question, please let us know. Thanks!


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