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What's New in the Upcoming JBossWS 6.3.0 Release

By Jim Ma | April 17, 2023

After JBossWS 6.2.0 released, we are thinking about what we should do to improve JBossWS project and add new things in the upcoming JBossWS 6.3.0 release. In this blog post, we will discuss this topic and give an update what will be included in the new release.

  1. JBossWS Galleon Feature Pack

    WildFly Galleon allows users to create custom distributions of the WildFly application server. It uses feature pack to specify a set of components to include in the custom Wildfly server. In JBossWS 6.3.0, the new jbossws-cxf-feature-pack will be provided. User can install this feature pack in any of released WildFly 27 and WildFly 28 or 28-SNAPSHOT version. This feature pack will be included in JBossWS dist module and create the custom WildFly server to run whole test suite.

  2. Cloud Support

    Containerized java application can be the first step to easily deploy to the cloud and scale up or down based on demand. In the next JBossWS release, we’ll improve JBossWS cloud support and create examples/docs about how to run a webservice endpoint in docker container. The Openshift platform provides numerous benefits for running applications like scalability,high availability,resource efficiency, rollout and rollback. To allow user to easily deploy webservice application to the Openshift, we’ll provide better support and guidance to run webservice on OpenShift.

  3. Clean build

    In the previous JBossWS releases, we have to use many arguments and maven profiles to run all jbossws tests and build all artifacts. This will be cleaned and improved in the upcoming 6.3.0 release. We’ll deprecate the old maven profiles and make JBossWS buildable with the simple maven build command line mvn clean install.

  4. More Jakarta EE support

    From JBossWS 6.x, we already changed the javax package name to jakarta and imported the new jakarta dependencies. For the third party dependencies, we’ll update as many jakarta dependency as we can, with particular focus on CXF 4.0.1.

This is a preliminary version for our project roadmap. It is subject to change as we continue to look at what else we can bring in the next release. We welcome your comments and would appreciate any feedback you have. Please leave us a message on github discussion.


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