Web Services Framework for WildFly

JBossWS 7.1.0.Final is released!

By Jim Ma | March 27, 2024

JBossWS-CXF 7.1.0.Final has been released. This release contains several bug fixes, test enhancements and components upgrades. The notable upgrades are the CXF 4.0.4 upgrade which resolved CVE-2024-28752 and XmlSec(santuario) 3.0.3 upgrade resolved CVE-2023-44483. The CXF upgrade introduced the new CXF http client which is using java.net.http.HttpClient from JDK to better support HTTP/2, but this is the preview feature and user can enable this new client by setting system property or bus property. From 7.1.0.Final,we started to use Java 21 to build and run testsuite to make sure everything works with this latest version JDK.

For more detailed info and full list of issue in this release, please check release notes. Please try this release out and give us your feedback!


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