Web Services Framework for WildFly

JBossWS Galleon Feature Pack

What's New in the Upcoming JBossWS 6.3.0 Release

JBossWS 6.2.0.Final is released !

Testsuite Transitioned to WildFly CLI scripts

JBossWS 6.1.0.Final is released !

JBossWS 6.0.0.Final is released !

JBossWS 5.5.0.Final is released !

Log4j CVE and JBossWS project

JBossWS 5.4.4.FInal is released !

JBossWS 5.4.3.FInal is released !

Move to JBossWS Google Group

JBossWS 5.4.0.FInal is released !

JBossWS 5.3.0.Final is out!

JBossWS 5.2.0.Final is available

Summer's nearly over..

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We use JProfiler for profiling